About BiddingPrayers

From its inception in 2024, BiddingPrayers.com has been a labor of love.

And that labor comes from me, Giuseppe Njualem, a Catholic Seminarian at Saint Peter’s Seminary in London, Ontario, Canada.

I have a deep passion for the liturgy and the power of intercessory prayer within the Mass.

For years, I have carefully crafted bidding prayers for various liturgical seasons and occasions. These prayers are my attempt to give voice to the needs of the Church and the world in a eloquent and reverent way.

This website is my humble effort to share these prayers with clergy, lay ministers, and all who appreciate the beauty and importance of the Prayer of the Faithful.

Seeing these prayers utilized to uplift the people of God is an immense privilege.

I can vividly recall the lack of quality bidding prayer resources when I first began this ministry. It inspired me to create a comprehensive repository to serve the Church.

Over time, BiddingPrayers.com has grown into a wonderful community of faith-filled people from parishes across the globe.

The Prayer Writing Process

Composing bidding prayers worthy of the liturgy is a sacred responsibility I do not take lightly.

The Church is comprised of countless souls with an array of spiritual and temporal needs. Giving prayerful voice to these needs requires profound discernment.

I may need to craft prayers lamentating injustice and praying for peace, while the next week calls for prayers celebrating new life or consoling the grieving.

Accounting for the diverse circumstances of human experience in a clear yet profoundly prayerful way is an immense privilege and challenge that I cherish.

Each set of bidding prayers undergoes a rigorous process of reflection, writing, and refinement before publication. I regularly revisit and update them as the world’s needs evolve.

While I diligently verify every prayer, some mistakes may occur. I humbly welcome corrections from the faithful.

Do I Accept Donations?

I am humbled by those who have offered financial support for this ministry. However, I will not accept donations, as providing these prayers freely is a spiritual work to which I am called and gives me profound joy.

The contents of this website will always be available free of charge to all who need them.

How You Can Help

If you have found these prayers meaningful, please share this website within your parish communities so others may also benefit.

You can also subscribe to the free BiddingPrayers newsletter to receive the latest prayers and updates a few times per year.

Most importantly, I covet your intercessory prayers for me and this ministry. Your spiritual support enables me to persevere in this sacred work.

Feel free to reach out with feedback, prayer suggestions or needs in the comments or by email. Engaging with fellow disciples enriches us all.

In Christ’s peace,
Giuseppe Njualem